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Software-Defined Access

The Vision of SDA

  1. Automation (reduced deployment time)

  2. Mobility (any device anywhere)

  3. Segmentation (reduced exploit vectors)

Why SDA (Clinical Solutions Platform)

Veterans Affairs continues to expand its transition from legacy analog clinical devices to a modern digital model.  Legacy analog clinical devices, i.e. a stethoscope, are usually limited to one user at time and do not allow for the gathering and automating of telemetry information. The digital healthcare model that Veterans Affairs is building requires the digitization of clinical devices so that the valuable data that drives insights and improves outcomes can be harnessed by Big Data and analytic solutions.

These devices are directly related to patient care and safety. Additionally, many of these digital devices are mission critical and are highly integrated into the VA’s business critical application, VISTA.  iPads, Phones, RFID tags, digital medical imaging, etc. are examples of components that drive up clinical density, have unique security requirements, expose various vulnerability vectors, and require a robust data network.

Digital Clinical Device Challenges

VA Biomed and VHA organizations strive to provide America’s former war fighters with the latest, most effective, and cost efficient medical devices available.  However, there can be significant delay working through internal processes to ensure that the integrity of the VA’s network is not compromised.  Not only does the current manual process of configuring the VA’s data network prolong the deployment process, it can also introduce interruptions in service if a medical device needs to be moved from one location to another within the medical center.

There is currently a lack of visibility within the network which hampers trouble-shooting and assessing solution performance.  Restoration of clinical solution degradation could be improved if the network provided specific information to help determine exactly when and where the issue is occurring.

Clinical Solutions Platform

Automatic and secure network provisioning for clinical devices.  Truly hassle-free device mobility.  Rapid solution deployment.  Cisco’s Clinical Solutions Platform accelerates the VA’s transition from a legacy analog centric model to a modernized digital centric model.  Clinical solutions can be securely and rapidly deployed on a network platform that was designed for seamless device mobility, both wired and wireless.  By moving away from a manually configured network and toward an automated network, the VA can spend less time deploying solution so that it can focus on driving patient outcomes and serving America’s deserving veterans.

Cisco SDA (Software-Defined Access)

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