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Wireless Networks

GMC Tek provides advanced wireless, mobility capabilities and managed services to our customers. We do this without interfering with established infrastructure and security.

Veteran's Guest Internet Access (VGIA)

Today, leading companies are faced with providing network access for their customers, partners, vendors, contractors and other visitors. This expanded network access enables higher productivity, improved collaboration, and better service; however, it necessitates that a guest access policy be established to address increased network usage and security issues.

By implementing Veteran's Guest Internet Access (VGIA), companies can control network access, eliminate ad-hoc IT support requirements, track guest network usage and securely separate guest traffic from internal resources.

The need for guest access has evolved. Today, with laptops, networked applications, and digital phone lines, a visiting guest's effectiveness is severely limited without continued access to these technologies.

Benefits of Veteran's Guest Internet Access (VGIA)

Improve security and privacy

The primary advantage of deploying Veteran's Guest Internet Access (VGIA) is the increased security it offers. By segregating the network in this manner, you can control who has access to your company's network of computers, servers, storage appliances and printers. This is crucial since sophisticated Trojans and malware can use a visitors’ laptop or mobile device as a launch pad to probe or attack machines on your network.

Increase convenience and Patient Experience

Technology has influenced changes in modern lifestyles. Although, some thing has remained constant: human interaction and having a sense of communal belonging. Veteran's Guest Internet Access (VGIA) provides greater lines of communication whether it’s through social media, gaming, video chat, and email.

Network usage

A Veteran's Guest Internet Access (VGIA) network also lets you limit the Internet resources available to visitors. Instead of allocating guests the same priority in bandwidth, it makes sense to restrict the guest network to a speed that offers reasonable access without affecting the network performance available to your employees.

Veteran's Guest Internet Access

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