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We bring Value Proposition for Multi-Carrier DAS in VA Hospitals in multiple ways:


  • Patient Satisfaction

    • High Quality Cellular network coverage no matter what carrier

    • Higher patient satisfaction scores, plus better reviews by Veterans families and caregivers

  • Standardization

    • National Standardization of mobility capabilities

    • Decrease one off coverage in facilities where single carrier DAS have been installed

  • Contracting

    • Mobility cost reduction

    • DAS Solutions offered currently on Networx Contract

  • Clinical Innovation

    • Significant Enhancement to mobile technology innovation and adoption

    • Removes poor cellular coverage or single carrier barrier to clinical innovation

    • Enhancements in Location-based Services

  • Patient Safety

    • FirstNet integration for Federal Hospitals and grounds within Municipalities

    • Opt-In States have option to have direct communication with State & Local responders

  • Technical Innovation

    • System built forward thinking with a Path to 5G

    • 24/7 support and Remote monitoring for a Quality System


GMC TEK + AT&T + TTS = DAS Solutions allow for a customization, phased approach to fit VA budget requirements

For more information check out our PDF

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